Microsoft Flow: Get item from list with more than 12 lookup columns

When you are using Microsoft Flow and you want to retrieve an item from a SharePoint list which has more than 12 lookup columns, you’ll receive the following error: The query cannot be completed because the number of lookup columns it contains exceeds the lookup column threshold enforced by the administrator In this blogpost, I […]

Microsoft Flow: Perform actions on users in a SharePoint Group using the API

Recently, I was asked to create a Flow for a customer which had some approvals, notifications and some other stuff in it. One of the scenario’s I had to implement was to send a notification to a group of users. First thing that came to mind was to create a SharePoint Group and use the […]

Microsoft Flow: Check for existing items in SharePoint and configuring (Approval) timeouts

For a customer, I was asked to set up a Microsoft Flow PoC for an approval process where a SharePoint site owner must be given the option to maintain or to delete a site when that site has been marked as inactive (no activity during the last six months). Situation This customer uses Office Dev […]