Microsoft Flow: Check for existing items in SharePoint and configuring (Approval) timeouts

For a customer, I was asked to set up a Microsoft Flow PoC for an approval process where a SharePoint site owner must be given the option to maintain or to delete a site when that site has been marked as inactive (no activity during the last six months). Situation This customer uses Office Dev […]

Checking out and updating items in another Site with SharePoint 2013 Workflow and the REST API

Last year, my colleague Django wrote about creating items in another Site (Collection) with a workflow by using a Call HTTP Web Service action. I want to take this case a bit further and explain how to (bulk) update items in another Site, especially when that items need to be checked out before they can […]

Create a process driven Document Management System with Workflow within SharePoint

Sometimes, configuring workflows can be a real struggle. Especially when you want to have as few (performance) issues as possible. I got into a challenge where I needed to create a workflow solution for a process driven Document Management System and prevent performance issues and error occurrences but still keep the solution easy to use […]